We offer admissions into Nursery, and Primary at both our Mahuta and Kamazou Schools. We admit into College at the Kamazou School only. Everyone seeking admission shall be subjected to Screening Exercises. Applicant needs to score a minimum of 50% cumulative aggregates in the Screening Exercises to be qualified for the class for which the Exercise was asigned for. Aside that, please see the table below:

Section Available Classes Minimum Age Required Other Requirements or Comments
Infant Class
5 months
Play Class
1 year 4 months
2 years
Child should have started talking
Nursery 1
3 years
Nursery 2
4 years
Primary 1
5 years
Primary 2
6 years
Primary 3
7 years
Primary 4
8 years
Primary 5
9 years
Primary 6
10 years
JSS 1-3
10 years
We admit students into JSS 1 and JSS 2 only. Getting into JSS 3 to SSS 3 is through our promotion exams only.
SSS 1-3
13 years


1. Indicate Interest & Apply Into Highbrow Wisdom schools

Please fill the Indication of Interest form and submit, and we shall send you a reply on the date and time fixed for your ward(s) Screening Exam. Ensure you keep to schedule given to you. If you miss your scheduled time, send us an e-mail or an SMS for us to make a rescheduled for you.

Indication of Interest Form

Apply in Person

This is an alternative to the online application. This demands that you will physically visit the School’s Admission Office to express your interest, and you will be schedule for a Screening Exercise.

2. Sit for the Screening Exam

Screening Exams will be conducted for prospective student, marked and the performance in such exam will be communicated to the student or the accompanying parent on the same day. Applicant needs to score a minimum of 50% cumulative aggregates in the Screening Exercises to be qualified into the desired class.

3. Payment of The Stipulated Fees

Having successfully pass the screening exercises, the prospective student will be admitted, and then have to make payment for the stipulated fees (in the Schedules of Fees). This is followed by registrations/documentations.

4. Do Documentations

Parent(s) of the admitted student will have to fill the ‘New Student Registration Form’ on behalf of the student before the student resumes fully for classes.

Indication of Interest Form

5. Obtain Uniform & Learning Materials

School Uniform/Kits:
Uniform, and sport-wears should be obtained from the school at the point of registration; for new students, or on request for old students.

Textbooks & Learning Aids:
Recommended textbooks for each academic session can be obtained from the School Bookshop. Parents are advised to provide their children with the recommended textbooks. You should please obtain the textbooks specified for your child’s class. Other learning aids needed include: notebooks, pencils/biros, crayons, colouring pens, cardboard papers, rulers, Maths Sets, bags, erasers, and lunch kit.

6. Resume School for learning

Once you are done with procedures 1 to 5 above, you are expected to resume class for learning as early as possible. Avoid delays in resumptions.