Our Philosophies

Our Philosophies are parts of what we believe, and we regard them as wisdom templates; they largely guide our behaviours, percepts, conducts and orientations. These philosophies may otherwise be regarded as nuggets. Whichever, you will find them useful as life watchwords.


1. Mathematics develops your sense of analytical reasoning; which is a tool of life.
2. You will remain dependent if you lack the relevant knowledge and technique.
3. With the right commitments, you can become an icon.
4. Men of knowledge and expertise dictate the tune of events.
5. You cannot be better than what you know.
6. You will be figure-out if you achieved and apply superior knowledge.
7. You will be knowledgeable in what you are truly committed to.
8. Do not follow multitude while trending your personal path. Otherwise, you will end-up below your expectations.
9. No authentic prize without pain.
10. Money is not all you need to become fulfilled.
11. You are limited by your knowledge.
12. Don’t just admire success. Work toward it, and backup your efforts with prayers.
13. Secondary school plays a critical role in one’s educational career. It is one of the key determinants of your career path.
14. When you are learning, you are enriching your mind. Your mind drives your life.
15. You cannot by-pass learning to reap the fruits of knowledge thereafter.
16. A sower that will succeed will be willing to sow before harvest.
17. Don’t admire or expect success if you are scared of challenges.
18. Productivity is rarely enhanced by qualifications, but most often by expertise.
19. The school greatly influences, but the determination to excel is an individual choice.
20. Roses have thorns, likewise, success have its rigours.
21. Life and learning are interrelated, the rigour of learning is to prepare you ahead of the challenges of life.
22. You are most likely to be stabilized at the top of the ladder if you climb the steps appropriately. Avoid cutting corners.
23. You are not employed because your employer loves to pay you salary, but because value is expected in exchange for the payments.
24. It is what you do or witness today that can be your experience tomorrow.
25. Those who cannot learn cannot manage resources.
26. The worst poverty is the poverty of mentality.
27. Where we are today is as a result of the choices we made yesterday.
28. It is easier to fail than to succeed.
29. Learning is hampered where interest is lacking.
30. Those who read to understand perform better than those who read solely for exams.
31. Age is never a barrier to learning.
32. The path that you trend will most likely be similar to those of your companion.
33. Whatever impedes knowledge or learning will not always be available to defend ignorance.
34. Visit the library and read books to broaden your knowledge.
35. Time is a resource we all have equally. It cannot be increased. It utilization depends on the individual.
36. Failure to manage time is failure to manage resource.
37. If you stop learning, you will start leaning.
38. Education is a legacy that every child deserves.
39. Education equipped us against challenges.
40. School is a preparatory ground. Success is preparation blessed with opportunity.
41. Education is a road-map to the zenith.
42. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and decent attitudes.
43. Education is also a battle against ignorant. Ignorant is an intellectual disease.
44. Knowledge is infinite, the more you known, the more you need to know.
45. Knowledge is power and light. The more you know the more you will be empowered and enlightened.
46. Success is expensive, and failure is not cheap.
47. Success demands hardworking, not doing hard works.
48. Success needs sustenance, but it cost nothing to remain a failure.
49. Success has many associates but failure suffers rejection.
50. You are the architect of your destiny. Though, God gives the approvals.
51. Schooling has time frame, but learning is for a life-time.
52. If you stop learning, then you will start dying.
53. The more you know the better you become.
54. All heroes and heroines made sacrifices.
55. Learning → knowledge → wisdom + blessing = Wealth.
56. Good leaders keep learning.
57. Learning may be as tasking as farming; as seeds are sown. The harvests are always bountiful, that you hardly remember you once toiled.
58. Those that bypassed learning sooner discovered that they are seriously handicapped.
59. Certificate is a receipt for schooling, while knowledge is the evident that you schooled.
60. Nothing good comes easy.
61. To be the best you must aim beyond the sky because many already had access to the sky.
62. For a better world, learners must end up better than their teachers.
63. Education without entrepreneurship breeds dependency.
64. The human brain is far more intelligent than the computer.
65. You will be outstanding if you achieve unpopular result