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This medium is entirely for educational interactions, and exchange of Knowledge, whereby STUDENTS, PARENTS AND SCHOLARS can send us Questions (that they cannot solve). Highbrow Wisdom Schools has competent hands who are ever ready to attend to your needs, by providing answers to your question(s).

Recall that it is habitual to resort to the internet (such as the google search engine) when searching for resources in various fields of human endeavours, like in Medicines, Sciences, Agriculture, Arts/Humanities, Managements, and Engineering/Technology or Environmental. Despite the richness of the internet, it users never find answers or solutions to Mathematics/mathematical questions that require sequential analyses, because the internet is not a robot but more or less a store-house of information.

Having recognize the above gap, Highbrow Wisdom Schools is therefore set to broadening the horizon of knowledge by meeting this identified needs. In the light of this, please note the following:


(a) General Mathematics
(b) Further Mathematics


(a) Schemes from J.S.S. 1 to S.S.S 3.
(b) Coverage: NECO, NABTEB, WAEC, & JAMB Syllabuses.
(c) Contents within the SSCE or UTME Examinations.
(d) Scheme/Syllabus of Remedial and Preliminary Studies.


(a) Senior Secondary School Students, or Parents of Learners in Primary and JSS Classes.
(b) Students in Pre-ND or Remedial Classes in the University.
(c) Teachers who teaches in the two categories mentioned above can also forward-in questions that they find incomprehensible.
(d) For now, we will not be entertaining questions at the Undergraduate or Post-graduate levels.


(a) Do not send us questions outside the field of Mathematics.
(b) Your question should be very clear and legible.
(c) Send us one question at a time. If you have more than one questions to send, you can do so after we must have reply to the first/previous question.
(d) We hope to respond to questions as early as possible, based on first come first to serve.
(e) We will communicate to you (the sender) where we have challenges answering your question.
(f) Make all attempts to solve your questions before sending them to us. You should only send question(s) that you cannot solve.
(g) We are not a substitute to your Mathematics Tutors, or your textbooks. We are meant to be a complement. Emphatically, we advise that you embrace an efficient learning habit that will guarantee your career success.
(h) Only educational post (on MATHEMATICS) are allowed on this platform.
(I) Highbrow Wisdom Schools will keep reviewing this guideline when necessary.

DISCLAIMER: We MAY NOT be absolutely perfect every time. However, we are confident that we will answer whatever questions that will add to your knowledge and learning.