Arms of the School


Our Crèche Section is for Children between the ages of 5months to 2years, and it runs from 7:00AM to 4:30PM. This section comprises of:
Infant Class (for age 5months to 15months), and
Play Class (for age 16months to 2years)
We provide a caring, and fun-filled learning environment, and with that, you have the leverage of going to work without cause for worries. The Caregivers are trained infant tutors who are tender-hearted, loving, and thus easily inspire children to learn through play-way method. We assign one Caregiver to a maximum of four infants.

Subjects Offered in the Play Class:

  • Abecedary,
  • Numeracy
  • Handwriting,
  • Art & Poems


Our main objective in the Nursery Section is to properly root our learners in Numeracy, Literacy, Nature & Social Awareness, and Writings. Number of learners assigned to each class is between 6-12 to a teacher and an assistance teacher. Our Nursery section runs from 7:20AM to 1:00PM. Children whose parents opted for Child Minding, enjoys after-school cares and closes by 4:30PM. Our Nursery Section comprises of three classes, thus:
Pre-Nursery (for 2 years old and above)
Nursery 1 (for 3 years old and above)
Nursery 2 (for 4 years old and above)
Children are expected to have attained the specified years (slated for each class) at the commencement of the academic session in September.

Subjects Offered in Nursery Classes:

  • English (Abecedary),
  • Mathematics (Numeracy),
  • Science & Health Habits,
  • Social & Living Habits,
  • Handwriting,
  • Art & Music
  • Moral & Safety Education,
  • Religious Awareness (CRK)


Highbrow Wisdom Schools’ Primary Section exposes learners to wide-range of knowledge, and skills. We structured each class for 7 to 15 students to a teacher and an assistance teacher. We adopt an all-inclusive Nigeria-British Curriculum, which enhances our broad-spectrum approach to learning and teaching. We also create enabling environments to encourage creative thinking, ingenuities, and strives for excellence. The minimum age for admission into Primary School is 5years. The Primary section runs from 7:20AM to 2:00PM. Any learner who fails to meet-up with expected minimum standard will be placed on extra lessons (between 2:00 to 3:00PM) to remedy any deficiencies. We have these two divisions of the Primary School:
The Lower Primary- Primary 1 to 3
The Upper Primary- Primary 4 to 6
No child will be exempted from going through any of the six grades/classes of Primary School, except on ground of exceptional academic performance cum age factor. Aside that, all learners need to pass through Primary 1 to 6 before he/she can be considered for college admission.

Subjects Offered in Primary Classes:

  • English Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • English Literature,
  • Basic Science,
  • Social Studies
  • Civic Education,
  • Information & Communication Technology,
  • Physical & Health Education,
  • Handwriting,
  • Creative & Cultural
  • Arts,
  • French,
  • Verbal, and Quantitative Aptitudes,
  • History,
  • Religious Knowledge,
  • Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo.
  • Pre-vocational Studies (for Prim 4 to 6)


Our College is structured to impact knowledge, morality, skills, and entrepreneurial mindsets. Above all, we are focused on producing High School Graduates that can match their pairs globally.

Our College has three arms: 

  • The Junior Secondary School (comprising JSS 1-3)
  • The Senior Secondary School (comprising SSS 1-3)
  • Centre for Continuous and Creative Learning

The first two Arms- The Secondary School, runs from 7:20AM to 2:30PM.


The Junior Secondary School is a fascinating environment where confidence is built in young learners, making them understand the essence of acquiring robust knowledge and skills at tender age. To achieve that, the passion and love for learning are instilled on students right from inception in JSS 1. We create in them a mindset of reading, learning, and inquisitiveness about nature, science, and the global society. The minimum age for admission into JSS 1 is 10 years.

Subjects Offered in Junior Secondary School (J.S.S.):

  • English Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • English Literature,
  • Basic Science,
  • Basic Technology,
  • Social Studies,
  • Civic Education,
  • Business Studies,
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT),
  • Physical & Health Education (PHE)
  • Prevocational Studies,
  • Creative & Cultural Arts,
  • French,
  • History,
  • Religious Knowledge,
  • Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo.


The Senior Secondary School is the commencement of one’s career path, as choice or selection of some number of subjects will be made from one or more of Sciences, Technical, Arts, and Commercials, in addition to four mandatory subjects. Having these understanding, we ensure we give proper orientation and career guard and counselling to student promoting from JSS 3 to SSS 1. Keeping the right track, our students will be atop in their higher studies in top universities of the world, and become great assets to the labour sector. The minimum age for student to be in SSS 1 is 13 years.

Subjects Offered in the Senior Secondary School (Sciences or Technical):

  • English Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • Civic Education
  • ICT/Computers
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Biology,
  • GSM & Computers Repairs,
  • Further Mathematics
  • Technical Drawing.

(Students in the Science or Technical Class will offer all the 10 subjects from SS 1 up to the time of registering for the SSCE, when the school will opt to register either F/M or T/D for each candidate)


Senior Secondary School (Arts or Commercials)

  • English Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • Civic Education
  • ICT/Computers
  • Government,
  • Economics,
  • GSM & Computers Repairs,

Additional Subjects for Arts Students are:

  • Christian Religious Studies,
  • English Literature.

Instead of the last two subjects above, Commercial Students offers:

  • Commerce,
  • Accounting.

The Centre for Continuous and Creative Learning (CCCL)

CCCL runs two training programs: Learning Improvements and Assessments (LIA), and Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education (EVE).

LIA two main focal activities are:

  • Coordination of coaching classes for those preparing for SSCE, and UTME.
  • Coaching classes, and coordination of Intermediate ‘A’ Level Exams- like IJMBE, JUPEB.

EVE is saddled with the responsibility of:

  • Coordinating vocational skills trainings in: installations, maintenance and repairs of electricals, electronics, and ICT devices.
  • Grooming and mentoring of Young Innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.