About Us

About The School

Highbrow Wisdom Schools (HWS) is unique in many ways. The name of the school does first appeal to most people and some often desire to know the literal meaning of the word ‘highbrow’. Highbrow means intellectual. Simply put, highbrow means knowledge, learning and decent characters or culture. Even so, many are familiar with the word ‘wisdom’; which is the proper applications of knowledge for the greatest good. From the foregoing, it’s glaring that the name echoes the cardinal massages in the vision and mission statements of the school: to impact knowledge, skills, and characters that will enhance the growth and the advancement of the individual, families, and societies.

The school is managed by well adept, experienced and dedicated educationists and academicians who have inherent love for children. Thus, students learn comprehensively and enjoy funs in the school. Also of interest, is the decent moral cultures that we are known for. The teachers have open arms and hearts, thereby making classroom exercises very conducive and interactive. With us, learning is not limited to ‘pen and paper’, but well-rounded, robust and encompassing. We help to discover and nurture the potentials in every child, taking cognizance of the individual strengths and weaknesses. The periods slated for ‘Creativities and Discoveries’ is specially allotted for such purposes.

HWS was birthed on June 01, 2015 and kick started academic activities by September 2015. Since then, the school has witness tangible growths in qualities. The value addition or the positive impacts on students is of more important to us than the earnings from the school. In fact, that is why some tagged the school as ‘affordable treasure’. What must have been responsible for such success history is the sacrificial drive by the School Management, and the relentless efforts of our competent and hardworking staff, who are retrained regularly. Above all, God is by our side.
We use the national curriculum drafted by NEC, blended with vital cues from curricula of the advanced nations. Such blends are made to ensure we produce the brand of students who have the requisites to excel globally in contemporary times. As a school, we are so desirous of nursing scholars that will revolutionise our world through initiative ideas, and innovations that will outlive centuries. To this end, reading culture and creative ingenuities are promoted through the various clubs’ activities. Some of the clubs are: Maths and English Scholars Club, Press and Literary Club, JETS Clubs, and The Initiators.

The available extra-curricular activities in the school are mind-blowing, and that makes the learners enjoy the school community to the fullest. When it is time for sports, pupils file out with joy to the various pitches of play. They make their choices of sports or games. These include football, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, athletics, and swings.

Our Motto ‘Always Ahead’ commonly echoes as ‘A-A’ is a connotation of distinction, excellence and strive for perfection, which we work to maintain in all sphere of life. We offer wide range of subjects, and trainings that enables our students acquire robust and broad-based education.

HWS is in two locations (has two campuses), the permanent site is at Kamazou, and the second campus is at Mahuta, both in Chikun Local Govt Area of Kaduna State. We are inviting you to come and be part of us. Call or visit us to get more details. You are warmly welcome.

Our Vision

To be renowned for excellence and be top-rated.

Our Mission

Harnessing potentials using first-class teaching and learning facilities to ensure our students are groomed to well-cultured elites who are intellectually and practically proficient to excel globally.

Our Core Values

Comprehensive, Best Practices, Impacting Lives, Forward-looking


Headmost, Impeccable, Grand, Heedful, Best, Resourceful, Outstanding, and World-class

School Anthem

Highbrow…., Highbrow…., Highbrow Wisdom Schools.
You shines on us like the sun
You are a guarding light to follow
Learning and Discipline are the virtuous
The wise partners with the light
O-o Lord make us the wisest (x2)
To shine across generations.

School Pledge

I pledge my time to search for knowledge and wisdom,
My thoughts to logical thinking,
My heart to my career, and
My hands to the best services,
For my success, and
To uphold the honour of Highbrow Wisdom schools,
And my country Nigeria.
Please help me God.


We keep strictly to schedules and timing, which is an attribute that must also be imbibe by learners. Take note of our daily timing (in the two locations of the school) as follows:

Time Resumption Closing Lessons Child Minding
(Extra Care Services)
1:05PM - 2:00PM
2:00PM - 4:30PM
2:05PM - 3:00PM
On Fridays, everyone closes by 12:30PM except children in the Child Minding Category.


Our uniform is one of our identities. Students are expected to be appropriately dressed in the school own uniforms, as stipulated below:

Week Days Dress
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Cooperate uniform (with black shoe/slander & white sock)
Tuesday, Thursday
Sport Wears
On cold or rainy days
Staff dressing must be modest at all time. We also appeal to all visitors within the school to be modest in dressing.